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Food, its Potential, and its Dilemma

While it’s true that I haven’t seen all of Raja Ampat, I’ve seen a glimpse of it in our village and what its people do for a living. In this article I would like to write about what they usually eat, how they get it, its potential, and its dilemma.

First, you have to know what they usually eat, how they eat it, and how they feel about it. To be honest, their usual diet is something we should be concerned about, besides the literacy and education. Some of them only want to eat rice without any side dish. Some of them only eat rice/sago with fish. Some are not used to eating vegetables. They usually eat with a big amount of rice and a small portion of side dish. The disturbing facts are: most people here don’t understand the importance of nutrition, so their parents do not have a problem with their children eating an unbalanced diet. Some of them are not doing it because they can’t afford to buy anything